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ArtPark Studios - a non-profit arts organization is a gospel-minded social start-up bringing both professional visual artists, as well as novice and children’s art experiences together to provide programming to a variety of under-served communities.  One of our initiatives is to combat summer knowledge loss of low income students through community based visual arts projects and creative instruction. Additionally, our year-round operations provide creative opportunities for a variety of communities in need including adults, seniors, hospital patients, children and youth.


Our model is simple — provide quality art instruction while spreading the love of Christ through organic creative experiences.   ArtPark is an opportunity for people to grow closer to God and others in their communities through in-person, digital and crowd sourced art making experiences.  When you buy an art making experience at ArtPark Studios, your purchase helps to provide free arts programming for people who would otherwise not have an opportunity to make art.

make art+make a change

At ArtPark, we believe that creativity is a gift from God and that He places it uniquely in each and

everyone of us.  To be good stewards of this gift, we are committed to providing ways for people to connect to their own creativity while sharing it with others.  Community art making is a natural and unassuming way to share the love of Christ.

Art + Connections:

Carrillo Elementary + Summer 2018 and 2019 

Nehemiah Center + Summer 2018 and 2019 

Jane Long Academy + Summer and Fall 2019

Renewal Road (Eastern US Tour) + Summer 2021

ArtFlow | art+prayer app (beta) + Summer 2022

Our Team

Terry Flores

Founder + Executive Director + Artist

Kevin Flores

Co-Founder + ArtFlow Creative Director + Artist

Our Mission

Meet Our Board

Alan M. Stewart, Chair

Janet M. Hobby

Russ M. Brudner, Secretary


Each of these individuals brings strong and diverse expertise and experience in the areas of art, non-profit foundations and law.

We Need Your Support Today!

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