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COVID Can’t Stop Us — Struggle Strengthens Creativity!

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

So much has changed in our world over the last two years. While ArtPark has not been able to conduct its normal free summer arts programming over the last two summers, we have perfected the pivot! Stay tuned for exciting digital arts curricula and a mindfulness mediation art app scheduled for release in 2022. These initiatives are part of an arts crisis response project we call “Renewal Road”. We will be providing free digital arts programming to people in need through this new platform.

Struggle strengthens creativity! We truly believe this here at ArtPark. We hit the road this summer making our way cross country interviewing artists in their creative spaces and learning how the creative process plays a part in personal renewal. This new initiative called “Renewal Road” began with a 4,000 mile road trip in Summer 2021 across the eastern half of the United States and will continue in Summer 2022 when we will head west. The authentic insight, hospitality and conversations continue to amaze and inspire us!

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